Press release: Occupation events coverage of crimes in Gaza by targeting media headquarters

The Palestinian Press Association on Saturday evening condemned the Israeli occupation army's targeting of the headquarters of the Anatolia news agency and the Office of Prisoners' information and their complete destruction west of Gaza City.

The group said in a statement, the agency "Sawa" Copy of it, that the targeting of media headquarters and international press offices in Gaza, a message to all international news agencies that the occupation will prevent the transfer of truth and cover the crimes against unarmed Palestinian civilians, with the power of lethal warplanes.

The press gathering was considered. The crime of destroying the headquarters of the Anatolia Agency and the Office of the Prisoners' information in continuation of the crime of targeting journalism in Palestine and beating the wall of all laws and customs regulating the freedom of journalistic work and protecting it from targeting.

The simultaneous destruction of the media headquarters in Gaza as the twenty-sixth anniversary of the adoption of World Press Freedom Day by the United Nations General Assembly is seen as a new setback and a new betrayal of all defenders of the journalistic work and its war.

The press gathering called on the countries to which the targeted offices belong to work hard to suspect the occupation and not give him other opportunities to evade international justice.


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