Gaza News Now: 4 martyrs due to continued Israeli shelling sector

 News of Gaza now where he was killed four Palestinians and others injured, due to the ongoing Israeli shelling of the Gaza Strip since Saturday morning.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed that four people were killed and 18 injured in the shelling.

A two-month-old girl and her pregnant mother were martyred on Saturday evening when Israeli shelling in the Zeitoun neighborhood south of Gaza City.

The health ministry announced the martyrdom of the girl Saba Mahmoud Abu Arar, aged one and two months, and her mother, Palestine, Saleh Ahmed Abu Arar, 37 years old, pregnant and her child was moderately injured by the Israeli targeting of their home in eastern Gaza.

The Ministry of Health announced the morning of the death of citizen Imad Mohammed Nusair 22 years since the Israeli occupation forces targeted the northern Gaza Strip


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