3 prisoners continue to hunger strike in protest against their administrative detention

Three prisoners in Israeli jails are continuing their hunger strike to protest their administrative detention, while four others have been suspended in the Negev desert prison, the Palestinian Prisoner's Club said Thursday.

And the strike occurs individually and not a collective strike, each chooses his time to enter the strike or the suspension of strike, according to the achievement that his arrest will not be renewed again.

The administrative detention system inherited from the British mandate allows Israel to anyone for six months without being charged with an indefinite administrative decision, which opponents see as a flagrant violation of human rights.

The prisoners said that the prisoners who continue their hunger strike are Hassan al-Aweiwi, 35, from Hebron, who was arrested on 15 January 2019. He began his hunger strike on 2 April 2019. He is the father of three children. He spent years in detention camps Occupation ".

The second prisoner is Odeh Haroub, 32, from Dura, who has been since since December 2018 and began his hunger strike on 2 April 2019. "  The third is" prisoner Mohammed al-Himeuni, 35, who has been on hunger strike for 37 days and was arrested on February 25, 2019. He is a former prisoner who has spent years in Israeli detention centers and is the father of four children. "

The specific charges against those placed in administrative detention are not known. According to the prisoners' club, 450 Palestinians have been administratively privileged in Israeli prisons out of 5,700 prisoners.

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