UN: Israeli-Palestinian conflict will worsen

 United Nations Deputy Secretary-General for Political Affairs Rosemary DiCarlo warned Monday that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is worsening unless there is a change in the political approach, saying UN efforts are being undermined. continuously.

DiCarlo told the UN Security Council that hopes for a two-state solution were being replaced by "growing fears of annexation in the future." "The possibility of a viable and sustainable Palestinian state is still eroded by facts on the ground," she said.

Just before his re-election last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposed to annex West Bank settlements, which are considered illegal by most countries under international law.

The policies of US President Donald Trump, who cut off aid to the Palestinians and move the US embassy to Jerusalem, bolstered Netanyahu's tough approach to the conflict.

DiCarlo said Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories continued to expand "in violation of international law."

"The conflict can not be managed forever," she said, adding that failure to change political approaches would mean further deterioration of the situation "with all sides becoming radicalized, which means more suffering and conflict."

Four of the seven Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in the first quarter of this year were also children. But she said Israel could use lethal force only "to respond to an imminent threat of death or serious injury as a last resort."

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