How can social media sites stop spreading rumors?

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Arab newspapers, in print and electronic versions, quoted a number of citizens in several Arab countries as highly dissatisfied with rumours spreading through various social media.

The report on the BBC website criticized these newspapers for their social media and their role in spreading rumors of "false news across the Internet."

Arab citizens expressed fears of spreading "false news" through them, despite their importance, which had been referred to by a number of commentators, and called for measures to be taken to limit it.

Syed Ali told the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, "whether before some or not, it became ' Facebook ', is the majority party, the street thermometer, the biggest compressor lobby, and its effect has become important in detecting corruption and chasing corrupt... However, it is also true that there is a lot of abuse and gossip, mixing rumours with facts, spreading fitnah, and the presence of 24-hour electronic battalions run from international intelligence rooms. "

Ibrahim Ismail wrote in an interview with the Saudi Okaz newspaper that "human beings transmit these useful devices and applications to the means of destroying the mind and the teachings of the religion, and may be ignorant of the abuses of the nation, and distort all the beautiful values and morals: Abuses of the people, exposing the most righteous and polluting Their reputation, rumors about everything, cheating and deceiving, cheating and extortion, absence, gossip, insults, curses and a dictionary of seeds, what remains of morality and the great benefits of these modern devices?  "

"The whirlwind raised by celebrities of social communication will not stop without will or resistance, let us not be influenced by thought and wrong behaviour, and we try hard to really investigate what they say or offer," said the prince in the Kuwaiti newspaper.

Abdel Latif al-Manawi said in the Egyptian daily Al-Masri: "A rumour can ruin a country or a partner in a battle that has been lost, and can destroy a person's reputation... Despite the unreasonableness and collapse of rumours in front of the simplest attempt at dedication, they usually have thousands of admiration and participation on social media sites, and the cause of the acute political polarization in the Egyptian street, which prompts each team to fabricate rumours that suit its audience to confirm the mistake The other team.

In the Egyptian delegation, Wajdi Zain called for action


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