Greece and Cyprus will play a role in demarcating the maritime border between Lebanon and Israel

 Cyprus and Greece will play a role with Israel in mediating maritime borders with Lebanon, the London-based al-Hayat daily reported on Wednesday.

The sources said that the three countries (Greece, Cyprus and Israel) are bound by an agreement on the future pipeline from Israel to Cyprus, Greece and Europe, to transfer gas produced from Israeli and Cypriot fields on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean.

"The two European countries are interested in addressing the Lebanese-Israeli conflict, given the impact on the future of the energy market in the region."

Observers of the issue will hold a tripartite meeting of a Greek Cypriot-Lebanese early next month to see if there are already Cyprus-Israel contacts on the subject.

The head of the Lebanese parliament Nabih Berri confirmed yesterday to the UNIFIL commander in southern Lebanon, General Stefano del Cole, his country's readiness to stabilize the Lebanese border and the economic zone under the supervision of the United Nations.

According to those familiar with Barri's position, two points on the land border, B1, which lies on Naqoura Beach, and B2, which is to the east, are among the 13 points that the United Nations forces worked to correct in the final stage. Lebanese territory, which affects the drawing of the line that starts from the land towards the sea, in the calculation of maritime boundaries.


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