The "Deal of the Century" is in Israel´s favor only

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants on Wednesday confirmed the Palestinian rejection of the US plan for peace with Israel known as the "Deal of the Century".

The ministry said in a press statement on Wednesday that the escalation of talk about the imminent launch of the so-called (deal) century, and what is leaked from time to time on the content and the details and ideas contained only in favor of the Israeli occupation and settlement.

The ministry added that what is being leaked about the deal of the century "opens the appetite of the ruling right and the majority of settlers in Israel to swallow more Palestinian land through settlement expansion."

For his part, Jibril Rajoub, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Fatah movement, said that any peace plan does not include a full Palestinian state on the borders occupied in 1967 and the resolution of the refugee issue in accordance with the Arab initiative and international resolutions are doomed to failure.

"The United States will not find any party to deal with in the deal of the century as long as there is a Palestinian rejection of it, although it has taken many steps and steps beyond Palestinian rights," Rajoub told state radio.

Rajoub said that the Arab position "rejects the American plan, which threatens to liquidate the Palestinian cause, which is stressed by the States of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt by refusing to be a party to pass any US deal."

The Fatah official stressed that "international legitimacy is a reference to the peace process and the solution of the Palestinian issue and not what has been and is done by the American administration."

US President George W. Bush and his top adviser, Jared Kouchner, said yesterday that the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan to be announced by Washington would be announced and published in June.

Kouchner said the Palestinian and Israeli sides should make difficult concessions, refusing to say whether the peace plan was based on the principle of a two-state solution.

He said the US plan was "detailed, as its agents were concerned with improving the lives of Palestinians and at the same time ensuring Israel's security."

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