That´s what happens to the brain when a man lies?

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Lying is one of the worst qualities that alienate and distance your friends and loved ones from you, lose their trust and love, and keep this world undesirables, not just a "moral order", and it also enters into physiological factors and complex human attitudes.

According to the Washington Post, tests conducted through MRI showed that brain blood flow is influenced by the words of lies, and at the point  "The frontal junction" of the brain, the activity becomes dense while saying things that are not true.

Scientists are likely to have this intense activity at the brain junction due to the reluctance of the person lying and confused to slander and tell the truth, so the neuroscientist, Joshua Greene, believes that the lie process requires a human "effort", the Sky News reported.

But this process is only a description of what is happening in the human brain, and the important aspect of lying is linked to other factors such as human education and the "difficult" conditions it faces.

The study carried out by the psychology researcher at Duke University in North Carolina, Dan Ariili, shows that a man who lies is more likely to repeat it in New times and is therefore in a dangerous spiral.

Psychologists say that people start lying at an early age, and at the very age of two, like the development of skills such as walking and acting, but awareness and education make one stop this "bad habit".

The research reveals that people are more inclined to lie in some situations, as people make this ugly act when they think it may be painted on others, and they often resort to it when they find themselves in a difficult situation.

The results showed that people are excited to lie when they find themselves in the face of false people, but they avoid doing it when there is surveillance that warns them of the danger of revealing what they say from "trifles".


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