Trump to Congress: "You can not dismiss me"

 President Donald Trump said Monday that Congress "can not remove him" because of the results of Special Inspector Robert Muller's report on Russian interference in the presidential election and his attempts to obstruct the investigation.

There were no crimes before me (no collusion or obstruction) so you can not dismiss me, "Trump wrote on Twitter.

"The Democrats are the ones who committed the crimes, not your Republican president," he said.

Last week, a short version of the 450-page report by special investigator Robert Mueller was published after two years of intensive investigation.

The report confirmed that the Russians tried to intervene in the presidential election 2016 to sway Trump in the face of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

The report concluded that Trump's electoral campaign had benefited from the impact of hacking and disseminating Hillary's electronic messages, but did not collude with the Russians.

During the investigation, Trump repeatedly tried to block Muller's work, according to the report. But Mueller said he could not decide whether Trump had committed a crime to obstruct justice.

The Democrats, who control the House of Representatives, have so far avoided firing the president. However, open committees in the council plan to investigate the scandal in greater detail and seek a full Mueller report to cover the paragraphs that have been obscured for security and legal reasons.

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