The Pope presides over Easter Mass and launches a message of universal peace

 Pope Francis I celebrates Sunday the Easter - the most important Catholic holidays - where he presides over an open-air mass and sends a message of peace and universal blessing.

The pope is due to preside at 10 am (0800 GMT) in St. Louis. Peter's Square, and he will send the message "Eiturbi" (to the debtor and the world) at noon today.

The message, which also offers pardon for sins according to Catholicism, is usually launched from the central territory of St. Johns. Peter's Cathedral on Easter and Christmas and after the election of a new pope for the church.

The days leading up to Passover are marked by a number of official celebrations.

Last Thursday, Pope Francis performed a wash of feet, which this time included 12 inmates in a prison near Rome, in a tradition of the gesture that Jesus believed to have done to his 12 disciples.

On Friday, Pope Benedict XVI presided over the procession of the Cross, which witnesses a night ceremony in which the suffering of Christ is re-represented on the day of crucifixion, according to the Christian religion. On the eve of Easter, Pope Francis carried a lit candle in the main corridor of St. Francis. Peter's Cathedral on the Sabbath of Light.

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