5 Injuries in the march of Kafr Kaddum

Five youth, including one with special needs, were wounded by a rubber-coated bullet in the face following the Israeli occupation of Kafr Qaddum, east of Qalqilya, on Friday.

According to local sources, "Jerusalem" that the occupation army ambushed the arrest of many young men participating in the march, and the ambush was discovered by young men and soldiers fired rubber bullets at them, causing them from close range.

The march followed Friday prayers with the participation of hundreds, including religious, official and clan figures, who headed towards the closed entrance since 2003 with an Israeli decision to appease the settlers.

Israeli soldiers took over the rooftops of nearby houses, fired a small surveillance plane to photograph the participants, and assorted a number of photographers.

The coordinator of the weekly march Murad Ashtoy told "Jerusalem" that the march today to commemorate the day of the prisoner, in honor of the tribute to those who make sacrifices within families, and refused to deal with the century.

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