Occupation activist Abdullah Abu Rahma sentenced to 5 months imprisonment

The Israeli military court on Wednesday enacted activist Abu Rahma, the general director of popular action and steadfastness in the Wall and Settlement Authority, to five months 'imprisonment and two years' suspension or a fine of 25 thousand shekels, and postponed the implementation of the until until the second of June next.

Abu Rahma said that the court today responded to an appeal submitted by the defense against his imprisonment and approved his imprisonment for 5 months beginning next June.

He added that his lawyer presented a videoconference in the trial that denies all the charges against him. However, the Israeli court of excellence is a sham, prosecuting him for his activities in the Red Khan and other sites in confronting the wall and settlements and targeting our people.

"Two years ago, I participated in a bicycle marathon that was held in memory of the Nakba, under the title" Drago Al-Awda ". The cyclists went from Ramallah to Bil'in at 9 am. After about an hour, the contestants reached the apartheid wall in Bil'in west of Ramallah.

He continued: "With the end of the race we were surprised by the occupation forces come to the place and begin to launch poisonous gas bombs and sound heavily towards us and did not take into account the presence of children and women between us, and immediately went to the soldiers and told them it is a sports race and that the effectiveness of peaceful, and when we return to our homes in Bil'in surprised us to fire bombs from force "When I tried to prevent them from doing so, a group of soldiers pulled me down and threw me into the ground and began to assault me ​​and arrested me after holding my hands behind me and blindfolding me."

He explained that he remained in prison for 11 days and was released on the day of the court after watching the video unconditionally, but the appellate judge of the Israeli prosecution released me with a coffer of 15,000 shekels until the next court session. The judge sentenced me in the last session to four months' imprisonment.

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