Arrests in the West Bank

 Israeli forces launched a wave of arrests in various parts of the West Bank on Wednesday morning.

Local sources said that the Israeli forces arrested five young men from Jalazoun camp, Mustafa al-Ramahi, Mohammed Abu Khalifa, Malik Abu Khalifa, Amjad Safi and Mohammed Abu Hilweh.

In Qalqiliya, five young men were arrested from the town of Azzun east of the city, including 14-year-old Waleed Ismael Radwan, as well as two prisoners, Mohammed, Abdullah Mustafa Radwan, Said Farouk Hussein and Assad Abdel Salam Hussein.

In Hebron, Mousa Jaradat and Maher Jaradat were arrested, and the house of the prisoner Mohammed Mutlaq Abu Jhaisha was destroyed in the town of Idna west of the city.

The occupation of Bashar al-Rashaydeh was arrested by the Arabs of Rashaida in Bethlehem.

Dozens of people were injured when Israeli occupation forces fired tear gas canisters during clashes in the Aqbat Jabr refugee camp south of Jericho.

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