"Daniel"... New ambassador for freedom through sperm smuggled out of prison

Nablus _ Palestine News Network 

Mohammed Daoud Tahanneh, 43, from Jenin Governorate, was born on Saturday with a newborn by smuggled sperm and through the technology of pipe children, where his wife was born, who was named "Daniel" by the family in the Arab specialized hospital in the city of Nablus.

The child, Daniel, is the number 66 children of prisoners born by this technique and is called "Freedom Ambassadors".

The captive has been sentenced to 19 years ' imprisonment, which has now been served for 15 years. He was left behind when he was arrested two sons of worship (two years) and the glory of one year, and is now ready to join the public high school.

Mother Rasha states that she works as a school in a kindergarten where one of the children of a prisoner who was born through the smuggled sperm, now five years old, was encouraged to engage in the same experience.

She said she had followed the issue of her pregnancy at the Razan treatment centre for infertility and pipe children, which was carrying out agricultural operations for the wives of the family without pay.

Rasha indicated that she is now 38 years old, and when her husband is freed after four years, she may not be able to reproduce.


He supervised the delivery at the Arab hospital by the head of the hospital's maternity ward, Dr. Suleiman Abu-Eid, who stated that the health of the mother and her child was good, indicating that the child's weight was 2,700 grams.

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