Because of the "Silvie" .. tourists are threatened by the death penalty

Tourism companies in Thailand have warned that their activities could have been greatly affected if the authorities decided to bring the death penalty to people taking photographs near the Gharib airport on Phuket Island.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, the Thai airport is located close to the beach, making it a destination for those who want to take pictures of aircraft on landing or take off.

Airlines in the Asian country are worried that the demand for tourists could lead to an air disaster, given the proximity of the beach from the airport.

The authorities do not rule out closing part of the airport permanently, but parents fear this step and see it will have a big impact on their income because a large number of visitors come to see the stunning view of the plane over the beach.

The director of Phuket International Airport, Wichit Cayo Taitham, said taking photographs next to the airport could be illegal soon. He added that people's eagerness to take photographs of Sylvie with the runway had become troublesome for the pilots.

Since part of the beach may be closed to become a safe area, there will be fines and severe penalties for execution, the official said.

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