A boy escapes his captors after being held for 8 years

 After disappearing since 2011, after his mother's suicide, a boy escaped from the clutches of his kidnappers eight years after his abduction.

The boy told the police station he was able to reach after fleeing his kidnappers that he had been kidnapped for eight years, the Daily Mail reported.

He said he managed to escape from his place of detention in the Raffles Inn area of ​​Boston, where he ran away until he arrived at Kentkay in Newport State and told the police about his abduction.

The boy, known as Timothy Petzen, has disappeared since May 11, 2011, after his father left him at Greenman Elementary School in Illinois, and was then taken by his mother Amy Fry Petzen, who told the school she needed to move her son because of an emergency at home.

Fry then took her six-year-old son, Timothy, on a three-day holiday before finding her suicidal in a hotel room in Rockford, with no trace of her son being kidnapped at the time.

The boy had a detailed description of his captors who had held him for more than 7 years, after which the boy was taken to hospital for treatment and remained under police surveillance, according to Spontec.

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