The President: We will not accept the deal of the era and if they accept international legitimacy, then our hand is extended to peace

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said today that he would not accept the "deal of the times" whatever it was, because we rejected it because it exceeded our rights that were legitimized by international legitimacy.

"If they accept that we follow the international jurisdiction, our hands will remain extended for peace, and if they do not want to, we are here to stay here," he added, opening the Department of Hematology and Oncology at the Arab Advisory Hospital in Ramallah on Tuesday. We get this right, God willing, as soon as possible.

With regard to today's Israeli elections, he said, we are following everything that is happening in the world, especially what is happening at our neighbors, and all that we hope will be on the right path to peace.

"To understand that peace is an interest for us, for them and for the whole world, and therefore to come to the negotiating table, and our support is always extended to negotiations, but we will not lose our rights.

"What we saw today in this great hospital is a source of pride and hope for a better future," he said.

"If we had the conditions, we would be like the rest of the people if we were not better because we have the capabilities and the potential we have for this great people.

"What we have seen from cancer treatment departments and others is a matter of pride, and we pray that we will be able to treat our patients in our Palestinian hospitals in our country, not in any other country."

"We will be able to accommodate all our patients, and we are now building the Khalid Al Hassan Hospital for the treatment of tumors and blood diseases. "We suffer from this disease, Now they go for treatment here or there.

"What we have seen today confirms that we have started on the right path. Those who walked along the path have arrived, and we continue to continue our journey and build our Palestinian institutions.

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