Sudanese protesters call for talks with army on "peaceful transition of power"

The "Alliance for Freedom and Change" organized the protests in Sudan on Monday to "direct contact" with the armed forces leadership to "facilitate the peaceful transition of power."

The statement read out by one of the coalition leaders Omar Aldkir outside the general command of the army building where marching demonstrators demanding the departure of President Omar al-Bashir three days ago, "call the armed forces to support the Sudanese people the option to change and the transition to democratic civil rule, "through" direct communication between the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and change and the leadership of the armed forces to facilitate the peaceful transition of power to a transitional government ".

The statement stressed "the demand of our people to step down immediately to the President of the territory and his government unconditionally," he said, adding "the composition of the forces of the Declaration of freedom and change and the forces of the revolution that supports the declaration, "assert" the functions of political relations with the regular forces and active forces locally and internationally in order to complete the transition process The transfer of power to a transitional civil government compatible with the people and express the forces of the revolution. "

The statement called on the armed forces to "pull out of the current system that has lost any legitimacy of, and cut the road in front of his attempts to drag the country into desperate violence."

Thousands of demonstrators continue their sit-in for the third day in a row around the headquarters of the army's general headquarters in Khartoum.

Since the outbreak of protests against President Omar al-Bashir's rule in December / December, it handles the elements of the security apparatus and intelligence and anti-riot with protesters and police trying to disperse them, but the army did not intervene.

Army troops deployed in the vicinity of the General Command and set up roadblocks in the area.

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