Netanyahu: The Trump administration has reported that it is inevitable to annex parts of the West Bank

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday he had told the Bush administration that it was inevitable to annex parts of the West Bank.

Netanyahu denied in an interview with Channel 12 Hebrew, to be declared that it will include the entire West Bank. Explaining that he will work to annex the settlement blocs and some settlements. He noted that he spoke with representatives of Trump and informed them that there is no escape from the annexation of these blocs and settlements. Pointing out that this issue needs time.

He pointed out that he did not do so before because of the policies of the administration of former US President Barack Obama, pointing out that the administration was even preventing him from building a single settlement in the settlements.

"We have moved from containment stage to large construction phase, and now we will move on to annexation, law enforcement and sovereignty over settlements," he said. "I always prefer to do it progressively and with American approval."

He denied that the move to recognize the Golan by US President Donald Trump, as an election. Noting that it is political and that two years ago he was talking with Trump in this regard.

He pointed out that he is working for the benefit of Israel, and this is evident in his relations with Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Pointing out that this relationship with Putin gave the Israeli army the freedom to work in Syria.

Netanyahu reiterated his remarks on Gaza, stressing that he would not wage an unnecessary war and would not reoccupy Gaza as long as there were other options. Pointing out that he had offered to Arab leaders to hand over Gaza after its occupation, but they all refused. According to his claim.

He said he was willing to pay a political price in return for his soldiers not to be killed or captured in Gaza, referring to the understandings that are being worked out with Hamas, mediated by Egypt.

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