A burnt house is offered for sale for $3 million.

Ottawa _ Agencies

A house in Vancouver, Canada, was burned for sale, at a price of 3 million US dollars, which raised the exclamation point in the market of the continent.

The bank had to unpack the loan from the house and offer it for sale, after being burned late last year.

According to the BBC website, the real estate agent said the price is moderate relative to the prices in Vancouver, where real estate prices in the city are the most expensive in the world, and the value of a semi-autonomous house is more than 1.6 million Canadian dollars.

The place has been abandoned for many months, and the traces of the fire appear to be visible on the rubble of the house and invaded by the dry grass.

Because the bank is currently the owner of this House, it is subject to sale on the case.

The real estate agent has explained that he sold it to the "CTV" News Network, that the price reflects the size of the property and the features it enjoys, not its current state, added:  "The idea lies in the opportunities provided by the land area and not what you see at the moment."

The original construction was included in the city's heritage lists, but the fire gave the owner the freedom to dispose of the land as he wished and to build any house on it, especially as the provincial laws allowed for the construction of smaller, larger dwellings, which increased the chances of making more profit.

Real estate prices in Vancouver are the most expensive in the world, although they have declined markedly after the introduction of measures to limit foreign ownership.



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