6,000 children have been detained since 2015

The Palestinian Prisoners' Club said on Friday that 6,000 Palestinian children have been arrested by the Israeli army since 2015 on the occasion of Palestinian Children's Day, which falls on April 5 of each year.

The club added in a press release on the occasion of Palestinian Children's Day that 98% of the children arrested were subjected to psychological and physical torture.

The statement pointed out that dozens were arrested after being shot, and the statement said that 250 children under the age of 18 years in prison, including 30 children from the city of Jerusalem.

The statement added that the occupation intensified the arrests against the children of Jerusalem.

He pointed out that "Israel continues its approach to the establishment of mock courts against minors, and the application of special racial laws to deprive them of childhood, which left many changes on their fate, and began to issue high sentences up to life."

According to official statistics released by the Prisoners' Affairs Authority, the number of Palestinian detainees reached 5,700, including 250 children, 48 detainees, 500 administrative detainees and 1,800 patients, including 700 in need of urgent medical intervention.

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