Wadi Qana closed after storming by settlers

The Israeli occupation army on Friday closed the famous Oued Qana area in the northern West Bank to allow settlers to break into a large number of walks inside and deprive Palestinians of recreational trips.

The mayor of Deir Astya Saeed Zeidan said that the occupation army closed the area from morning to afternoon to Palestinian landowners, farmers, sheep herders and hikers, in order to allow hundreds of settlers to carry out picnic trips in the valley, which is privately owned by the people of Deir Astya.

He added: The effect of closing the place from morning until afternoon was to deprive the hikers of the presence in the area, as well as to prevent the farmers and shepherds from entering the famous valley for the settlers who imposed their agenda on the valley and his family with the help of the army of occupation, which erected the military roadblocks.

According to Zidan, the area of the valley is 5,000 dunums privately owned by the people of Deir Astya and the Ottoman Kuashin, occupied around it to a natural reserve, preventing farmers from planting any trees, demolishing historical ruins and stone chains, pointing out that  "The war inside the valley is established by the occupation The settlers, who have always sought to judaize and dismantle the Palestinian identity, have a history of historic estates that were demolished over 100 years old.


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