Netanyahu: No one wants to take responsibility for Gaza if we return to its occupation

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday morning that there is no Arab state or leader willing to take responsibility for Gaza if we reoccupy it.

Netanyahu said in remarks to Radio Recht, the Hebrew, that he did not think of reoccupying the Gaza Strip for this reason. Pointing out that he had been rushed to find a non-Israeli person or entity that could take over responsibility for Gaza, but did not find, as he said.

"We will not engage in any large-scale military operation in Gaza until all options have been exhausted and will be our last choice at all," he said.

"I tell every father and mother in Israel that I do not send your children and children to war without exhausting all options," he said. Pointing out that the army forces are still deployed on the border in preparation for any emergency.

On the truce, which is being developed, Netanyahu said he was doing so to prevent attacks to kidnap soldiers and settlers. Pointing out that he is willing to pay any political price, although there is no mistake on his shoulders.

He said he was not sure if calm could be achieved, but he would not wage an unnecessary war.

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