"Instagram" gets rid of annoying video bugs

The social networking site Instagram is testing a new feature to get rid of an annoying flaw in its videos.

The popular photo site seeks to embed an animated bar on all the videos posted on its platform, in order to allow users to control the video as they please, without being forced to watch the entire video, according to the Daily Mail.

The new feature was identified by researcher Jane Manchon Wong in the eagle-eyed application.

Wong shared her account on Twitter, a video that shows what Instagram will look like after adding the control bar.

Instagram users are now forced to re-watch videos from start to finish, in order to see something.

The "Ingstream" feature allows you to control videos, but the clips posted on the IGTV website, which Entagram has begun to include on its platform since February.

It was reported that "Ingestram" wants to circulate this experience, not just IGTV.


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