Prison keys in the hands of prisoners in England

Britain's largest prison for reform and rehabilitation has decided to give prisoners the freedom to open and open cells and give them keys, Sky News reported.

The move, from the Burwyn prison in Wrexham, allows inmates to be more private when they want to spend their time alone.

In this case, the prison supervisors will have to be authorized by road on the door of the cell before entering, according to a report in the British newspaper Telegraph.

These amendments, or recommendations, came under a new reform and rehabilitation plan that began to be enforced.

According to the report, inmates can only close cells from inside, and sometimes when they are opened by staff remotely.

The prison can bypass locks, and prisoners who are unable to open their cell if secured from abroad, by an officer.

Other prison policies, which cost 250 million pounds ($ 326 million) and opened in 2017, include the naming of rooms as cells, referring to inmates as "men" rather than prisoners, and giving them laptops. Name of communities.

"While we welcome any views on how to design new prisons that can reduce abuse to inmates by improving the mental health and rehabilitation of prisoners, this document is not a blueprint for future prisons," a spokesman for the British Prison Service told Sky News.

However, inmates of this type of prison do not include all prisons or prisoners, but "those who can not be trusted in open conditions, but are unlikely to try to escape."

The British Justice Department confirmed last January plans to phase out the bars of prison windows in England and Wales after a government-funded study warned that "bars penalized and institutionalized," and therefore decided to provide the prisons with windows of glass is not breakable or khula and more effective in Prevent prisoners or inmates from obtaining drugs and mobile phones.

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