The workers in these occupations are the most infidel

The infidelity thatreatens any emotional relationship in the world, acts, factors and attitudes that lead to betrayal, but are not expected to be among these factors is the nature of the work of spouses.

According to a recent study by Ashley Madasion, treason differs according to the profession practiced by husbands. The spouses who work in handicrafts such as plumbing, construction, welding and others, are ranked first in infidelity.

The second place is the doctors, and the top three are entrepreneurs, because these people know and approach many people, and the third place is occupied by people who work in the technology and information sector.


Those working in the marketing, social work and hotel sector ranked 12th, followed by workers in the finance and education sector.

While those who are considered the most loyal and least treacherous are those working in politics, culture and art.


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