6 shortcuts that take you from bankruptcy to wealth

Thousand of people have made a coup in their lives, changed their situation from bankruptcy to wealth, and by studying their common denominators, a researcher has developed 6 "shortcuts" that enable everyone to improve their financial situation.

In 2016, Thomas Corley published a study on wealth habits, in which he said that 41 percent of the 177 millionaires who studied their condition grew up in poverty before coming out and becoming rich.

"What was the first factor that helped them get rid of their chains and become rich?" Ask Corelli. "The answer is that they" changed their daily habits. "

Changing everyday habits can be difficult, especially if it becomes a constraint that one can not get rid of. But Corelli presented what he said were "six shortcuts" that could help get rich by breaking bad habits and acquiring new ones that would Improve physical condition.

This can be done through:

Integrating habits

You may be used to drinking a cup of coffee every day, and you want to introduce a new habit of drinking a glass of water, so do not mix them with your brain, and gradually get used to the new habit.

The logic of this idea is that when the old custom does not consider the new habit a threat, it does not fight it. According to the author, this method takes several days to change the above.

Choose your friends wisely

Some old customs are associated with a particular kind of friend, who acts as a catalyst for their practice.

So if a person wants to get rid of bad habits, the best is to reduce the time spent with those who are incentives for bad habits.

If you're trying to practice a new habit, it's best to get close to people who practice it. For example, if you want to read more, you can join reading groups, which meet periodically to discuss a book and so on.

Change your environment

It is easy to take off old habits and turn to new ones when your surroundings change by: a new home, a new job, new friends. These give you a new opportunity to practice new habits.

When your environment changes, your thinking will also change, so it will be easy to develop new habits.

Start with small steps

It is easy to change habits if you start with small steps, which do not usually require much effort, such as drinking more water gradually to improve your health, or save more money and stop shopping unnecessarily, and reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke daily.

Schedule new habits

This is a popular move among the self-built, self-built wealthy, by listing the daily habits to be practiced.

This method creates a kind of accounting, as the person asks himself at the end of the day about things he has accomplished or has not accomplished.

As these habits gradually become accustomed, it will not be necessary to register them, as the mind will automatically remember them, especially if they are part of the daily routine.

Make a barrier between you and old habits

One of the most important steps to get rid of bad old habits is to "create a barrier" between you and them. For example, if you are used to eating junk food late in the evening with watching TV, it is necessary to create a barrier. The habit of deliberately not buying and storing foods Oily or harmful in your home.

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