Israeli sources: the United States to end the deployment of missile defense system "Thad" in "Israel"

The command of the American forces in Europe, on Sunday, the deployment of the American air defense system (THAD) in the occupation state, according to Hebrew media.

The Hebrew news site (0404) that "Israel" is the first country to deploy this failure system after the United States. "

He explained that the work on the deployment and operation of this defense system, began a month ago in a large-scale air operation, with the participation of more than 250 people from various crews of US air defenses.

According to the Hebrew site, there have been various exercises on the system with multiple scenarios combined with Israeli air defense systems.

"The exercise is another additional step to strengthen the close cooperation relations between the two countries," the IDF spokesman said.

In the same context, the Commander of the Israeli Air Defense Unit, General Aluf Bin Kokhaf, criticized the deployment of the US air defense system.

He said: "The cooperation between the Israeli air defenses and its American counterpartizes the professionalism and operational strength that leads to better defense of the skies of Israel."

He added: "The system has been successfully absorbed with its counterpart Hates (arrow) and this brings us to an integrated picture of the situation."

The THAD system provides broad protection with high altitude, a mobile system that can be deployed quickly and worldwide, with the aim of intercepting ballistic missiles.

The specific capabilities of the system are linked to variables such as location, area and other characteristics.

The system has operational capabilities both inside and outside the atmosphere, and uses kinetic energies to intercept missiles.

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