Gaza. The occupation authorities allow fishermen to sail and increase the fishing distance up to 15 miles.

The Israeli occupation authorities decided on Sunday to lift the ban on the Gaza Strip sea to fishermen and increase the fishing distance in the strip from 6 miles to 15 miles, starting on Monday.

"We have been informed by the competent authorities that the occupying Power will allow the fishermen at 6 am on Monday to enter the sea, after a week of closure and increasing the area of ​​fishing," said the captain of Palestinian fishermen Nizar Ayash.


"The new fishing space extends from 6 to 15 nautical miles," he said.

"Fishermen will be allowed to enter from the northern Gaza Strip to the fisherman's Wharf off the coast of Gaza City at a depth of 6 miles, from the Gaza fisherman's harbor to the central region, allowing them to enter 12 nautical miles, and from the central region to the south, they will be allowed to enter up to 15 nautical miles, "he said.

On Monday, the Israeli occupation authorities pretended the fishermen from entering the sea after the rocket that hit Tel Aviv and was fired from the Gaza Strip.

This expansion and the reopening of the crossings are part of the understanding between the resistance in Gaza and the occupying Power under the patronage of the Egyptian security delegation.

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