Renewed Israeli shelling of Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli occupation planes on Wednesday renewed their raids on the Gaza Strip.


The military occupation planes targeted a Palestinian resistance site in the area of the south-east of Khan Yunis in the south of the Gaza Strip, and reconnaissance planes bombed a resistance checkpoint east of the province.

The following is an urgent follow-up to the news of the Israeli shelling of the Gaza Strip for a moment: X 02:55 military occupation planes renewed targeting of the resistance site east of Rafah

Israeli occupation planes aim to bomb a resistance site east of Rafah

Q 11:07 Netanyahu is now holding new discussions with senior Israeli army commanders in Krah

The military occupation forces renewed shelling of Yarmouk site southeast of Khan Yunis

A new raid from reconnaissance planes on a resistance point east of Khan Yunis

At 10:55 hours occupation planes shelled in the vicinity of a resistance site in the area of south-east of Khan Yunis

A missile fired from the Gaza Strip on Tuesday evening landed in an open area of the Ashkul compound without any injuries, the Israeli occupation army said.



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