Mladenov: I am concerned and we may face a serious escalation of violence in Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Nikolai Mladenov, confirmed on Tuesday that no party has any interest in a military escalation in the Gaza Strip.

"I am concerned, we may face a serious escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip," Mladenov said in a speech to the Security Council on the situation in the Palestinian territories, noting that "the risk of escalation affects efforts to support Gazans, and the United Nations is continuing its efforts to defuse tensions."

"It appeared in the last two days that the conflict is still a possibility," he said, noting that "the Rockets launched have endangered the lives of civilians."

"From the early hours of yesterday, we worked hard with Egypt and other parties to ensure control of the situation," he said, calling on all parties to continue to exercise restraint; The situation remains tense.

He also expressed concern over the "lives lost" among Palestinians near the fence by the Israeli occupation forces, calling on Israel to exercise restraint.

In a related context, Mladenov stressed that "the situation in Gaza cannot continue and a unified Palestinian government must return to the Gaza Strip", calling for an end to the split between the Palestinian factions.


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