The discovery of unusual techniques used by Egyptians 2400 years ago

Archeologists have found encounters of a boat belonging to ancient Egyptians, scientists have long suspected.

The researchers found the boat near the flooded part of the ancient city of Heraklion or Thunis, which is located near the mouth of the Nile, 32 km northeast of Alexandria.

The excavation showed that the size of the boat was large and shaped like a crescent, and its structure is unknown. It includes thick planks attached to each other with wooden nails. The length of the boat is estimated at 28 meters.

The researchers also note that 70% of the body of the boat is made of acacia wood and is still in good condition. The boat was guided by a coaxial shaft attached to a shovel that could have been mounted at the rear of the boat.

According to scientists, this boat perfectly matches the description written by the ancient Greek historian Herodotus (484-425 BC). This historian visited Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, Asia Minor and the Balkan Peninsula, and wrote historical treatises describing the lives of the peoples of Eurasia.


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