Israeli occupation arrests 3 Palestinians from the West Bank

Israeli occupation forces arrested three Palestinian civilians from West Bank towns and villages on Friday night after they raided and searched their homes.

The Israeli army said in a statement this morning that its forces arrested three Palestinians last night, claiming they were "wanted" on charges of carrying out activities related to popular resistance against Israeli targets.

For its part, Palestinian sources said that large forces of the Israeli occupation army, stormed the town of Beit Fourik east of the city of Nablus (north of Jerusalem).

The clashes broke out in the town between the young men and the Israeli occupation forces, who began house raids following the injury of two settlers near the settlement "Itamar east of the city."

A settler car was hit last night by Molotov cocktails, two of whom sustained burns to the upper part of their body. The soldiers then rushed to al-'Adil Hospital. Large Israeli occupation forces rushed to the area and began a search and search operation for the bottles.

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