Photos: An American artist converts to Islam and wears hijab

 American artist Della Miles announced her conversion to Islam during her visit to the Turkish capital of Istanbul and has joined a series of celebrities who have already declared their Islam there, including Lindsay Lohan, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

During her visit to Turkey, Della Miles revived a number of concerts and visited Sultanahmet mosque.

In an interview she said she would suspend the Turkish flag she bought from the market at home and the attack in New Zealand commented: "Phobia of Islam spread in many parts of the world like the disease .. We have seen the most prominent example in New Zealand .. Our blood has frozen. We are torn from within. The plague of our time is the lack of love and tolerance. Islam, on the contrary, is the religion of love and tolerance. of the Prophet Muhammad. I am very happy with my decision. God rewarded me with Islam in the best days of my life. "

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