Sidem: Israeli systematic campaign to assassinate the Palestinian identity as "the year of Jerusalem"

 Education in occupied Jerusalem is a fateful issue, "life or death", the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Dr. Sabri Sidem, said. "The occupation is destroying the Palestinian curriculum by printing it in a distorted manner," he said.

He said d. "We believe that there is an organized, planned and deliberate Israeli campaign to assassinate the Palestinian identity," he said in a special interview with Jerusalem. "This year we called this year the" year of education in Jerusalem. "

He added that the Israeli goal today is to complete Judaization of education in the occupied city of Jerusalem, and sources of the right of our children, especially those who study in schools of relief education.

"Israel is working to eliminate the right of return by confiscating the elements that prove the Palestinian refugee, striking the teaching process in UNRWA schools, ending its role and stopping its work," Sidon said. "There are Israeli attempts to evacuate entire schools of the municipality and turn them into Israeli institutions for the settlement project in Jerusalem.

"Since the beginning of the year 2018, the Israeli government has embarked on the full course of the curriculum. In the past, the occupation government has adopted the Palestinian curriculum and has distorted, altered, and deleted some of the terms and concepts this year," Sidem said. Palestinian and completely remove the slogan of the ministry and science and delete the verses and conversations and maps and a lot of materials related to resistance and Palestinian rights have been removed from these curricula and sold to students with the distribution of books and curriculum free of charge, For a textbook in occupied Jerusalem to trade.

He added that the change in what the occupation is undergoing a radical change this year has witnessed the full printing of the curriculum and distortion of the Palestinian curriculum and the cancellation of everything related to the Palestinian identity and its symbols and components and the geography of Palestine.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Education and Higher Education that the ministry has a program "to protect education in Jerusalem with a budget of $ 30 million, spending in different directions, and said that the families of education in Jerusalem attack and rolling process and we must repel this attack, working with parents councils and work with Jerusalem institutions National and media.

He said d. The Israeli official right-wing approach, the removal of the Palestinian curriculum is a picture of a girl who swears over the apartheid wall and holds the dove of peace, the occupation to erase the apartheid wall as well as the dove of peace because it wants to spread even the concepts of peace from our curricula, and at the same time falsely accuse us of inciting and instigating our curricula .

In response to a question about the European Union's advocacy on incitement, Sidem: "We submitted our case before the European Parliament last October and voted by the parliament and we got 519 votes to 100 votes to keep the balance of power as it is not affected by the Israeli propaganda.

He added: "The incitement campaign is led by institutions and generals who abuse our Palestinian curriculum and accused it of incitement, not to mention the demolition of our schools, the most recent of which was the demolition of the Al-Razi school in Shu'fat refugee camp and the demolition of a school in the south of Hebron. Cement and even removed the signs and the school board from the highway, completely uprooting the school. "

And about the repercussions of the US blockade on the Ministry of Education mentioned Saydam:  " The amount of U.S. aid that has been cut and earmarked for education is about $12 million and the issue is not of scale but of the nature of the moral attack, coinciding with the Israeli onslaught of education in Jerusalem, the demolition of schools and the targeting of teachers and students, these pieces reinforced the concept of the Israeli attack on Palestinian education, the US decision formed a passport for the Israeli pounce to educational institutions and this has disrupted educational life in some schools.
He said that after the American decision, Israel broke all the taboos and broke all red lines and opened the door to an unprecedented attack on our schools, our children and our students. He said canceling the presence of international observers in Hebron offered our students and teachers an unprecedented state of intimidation. To their homes to draw attention to the magnitude of the risks they are exposed to on a daily basis to go back and forth from school. "

"We have quick ways to communicate with foreign diplomats, and we are now broadcasting the pictures directly once they arrive at Israeli violations directly. We present the facts and the facts, and we expose violations," Siddam said. Occupation and expose him diplomatically and media in the process of counter-attack.

"We have agreed with the European Union to come through a single window to look at the Palestinian curriculum and its review, as well as the Israeli curriculum," he said. He held a comparison to reveal the magnitude of the incitement that inflames the Israeli curricula and incites the Arab and Palestinian, Of course, the Israelis have strongly refused. "

He added: "We are continuing after the occupation has dared to kill our students, teachers and teachers. The legitimate question is where did they study and on what curriculum they were raised? How can a reasonable person accept students and break into schools and demolish them and assault teachers and teachers, especially when talking about hundreds of Talmudic and settlement schools? , And even visit the social sites can be seen the size of the Israeli incitement and even visit museums, especially weapons museums, all of which tend to attack the Arabs and deprive them of their rights and the most basic elements of life.

The Minister of Education and Higher Education said that the voices of peace in Israel have disappeared under the current Israeli election campaign. Israeli politicians are no longer competing for the champion of peace with the Arabs and the Palestinians. In contrast to past campaigns, there is no one talking about peace. The Arabs will win more (a competition for the more extreme) and (a competition for extremism), who will destroy the Red Khan and demolish unlicensed Palestinian houses from the occupation. The right has taken control of the street, the courts, the army and the authority in Tel Aviv.

He was reviewed by d. The destruction of a building under construction follows the Al-Razi school in Shu'fat camp under the pretext of its proximity to the annexation wall and the continuation of the siege of Salfit governorate and the tightening of the siege on the march. Educational institutions.

This came during a press conference held by Sidem yesterday, in the presence of the family of the ministry and a number of representatives of local and international partner institutions, the diplomatic corps, the advocates of the education sector and a mass of media professionals.

"The educational family has come to terms with the crimes and violations of the occupation and the settlers. It is a crime against humanity, crimes against universities, schools and educational institutions, in flagrant violation of all international conventions and conventions that guarantee the protection of educational and academic institutions and criminalize the violation of their sanctity."

He pointed out that 22,250 students and 1456 teachers have been subjected to repeated attacks by the occupation army and extremist settlers. They varied between the rise of students of martyrs and the fall of wounded in their ranks, the arrest and imposition of house arrest on some of them, delays at checkpoints and denial of safe access to schools through Closure of checkpoints and gates, "We have students in detention camps, including general secondary students."

He added that 47 martyrs (6 in the West Bank and 41 in the Gaza Strip) were students last year. Two teachers were killed from Gaza. 3191 students were injured, including 17 amputations in the Gaza Strip, and 106 teachers and administrators.

He pointed out that the number of arrested students reached (299), 30 teachers and staff from all directorates (30), noting that the annual violations report showed that 97 schools were attacked by the occupation (87 schools in the West Bank and 10 in Gaza) Between artillery and air raids, storming and firing live and rubber bullets, and tear gas and sound bombs, causing physical losses, disrupting all or part of the work, issuing school notices, and house arrest of dozens of Jerusalem students throughout the current academic year.

The Minister of Education said that the violations of the occupation led to the loss of about 8669 educational shares, in addition to the delivery of 22 notices, ranging from demolition, construction, demolition orders and demolition of building.

He added: "Our schools, which bear the name of the challenge and which we praise in the areas targeted by the occupation, are also a daily target of occupation, in addition to the crimes committed by the ugly days ago against the school (Al-Thima 13) in the south of Hebron, Which reveals the ugliness of this occupier. "

"There are also the schools of Al-Laban-Al-Sawiya, which face almost daily violations by the occupation army and settlers, as well as the schools of Jerusalem and the Old City of Hebron. The occupation continues to attack students, teachers and all components of the educational process, Whose schools and educational institutions suffer from an unjust siege as a result of the occupation.

"We were present and the witnesses on a series that is repeated every day; there is in the old town of Hebron, especially in the mixed school of Cordoba, and no one imagines how terrified our children, students, teachers and teachers are, there are absurd occupation barriers amid repressive repressive practices."

He called for an end to all violations and serious practices of occupation against education in Jerusalem, the immediate and immediate release of students from the public and higher education sectors, and the provision of international protection for education and its institutions, especially in the targeted areas.

He called for a firm, firm and unequivocal international stance on the violations of the occupation against educational institutions, intensification of pressure campaigns, advocacy and support for education, especially in areas C, Jerusalem and the Old City of Hebron and the Gaza Strip. ", Providing various infrastructure services.

He called for continued efforts to expose the violations of education in Jerusalem, especially under the rubric of the Palestinian curricula and the pressure on the occupation authorities to allow the entry of materials and supplies for the construction of schools in the Gaza Strip.

As for the future vision of the Ministry of Education, "We are looking for a new vision in the Palestinian education system at the global level. We are fighting to see the breaking of molds in all that is in technology and modernization, away from the method of indoctrination, we are with the works of mind and sensory and cognitive learning, and with the concept of deep learning, The goal is not to sit for the exam and get a "certificate" of the objective of acquiring and arming with knowledge and knowledge.

He said d. We have decided to change our curriculum to focus on sensory learning. We have begun to abolish school duties within the new concepts of change, especially that the field readings indicate that there are no traces of school duties at a certain age. The school is considered a place for academic upbringing and home for socialization, Is the first vocational school to enhance the role of vocational and technical education, so that later vocational education becomes compulsory education and not optional.

We are working to rejuvenate the educational system and the academy. Saidam said, and work on a comprehensive modernization digitally and scientifically, in favor of modernity and means of advanced education, away from tradition to creativity, innovation and development.

He added that the Palestinian teacher has become an ambassador of Palestine in the world. A group of teachers will be sent to Kuwait and soon in Qatar. We have two schools in Istanbul. There is a school in Malaysia and another in Norway, not to mention two new laws for education.

Siddam stressed that the occupation is the obstacle and the biggest problem, and said: "The problems we suffer vary according to the Palestinian geographical reality, occupied Jerusalem and the Judaization of the curricula and the conspiracy of education, Gaza is the reality of division and siege and closure, and the West Bank with all the challenges we are directing, The power of this stage, financial claims and many commitments, and before us high school exam a major challenge, financial pressure.

He pointed to new horizons through Arab and Islamic funds, Japan and Germany, and the World Bank, which is convinced of the need for pre-school education and next year we will go to compulsory pre-school education.

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