Shakid uses perfume as a "fascist" in the election campaign

Israeli Justice Minister Ilit Shakid, who announced her perfume as a "fascist" in her campaign, has sparked a storm of attachment to social media.

Authorities allow political broadcasts on television only two weeks before the April 9 election.

But the parties took advantage of a loophole in the law and began to flood the means of social communication propaganda videos are expected to play an important role in the unprepented campaign.

A "fascist" fragment is used by Shakid, a scornful opponent of her opponents who they often call "fascism".

In the videos, she focused on the Supreme Court justices and on their powers that she wanted to limit after the election.

The advertisement is akin to expensive perfume.

Shaked published a video clip on Monday in black and white and the word "fascism" in English in a brown color.

Shakid raises her hair in a feminine way and speaks with a whisper. Then the camera turns on a part of her face as she puts a finger to show the fingers of her hand with two rings. Then she says in a faint voice in Hebrew, "Judicial revolution."

In another clip, Shakid puts a white coat over her black clothes and says, "The activities are narrowing" in the sense of diminishing powers, and then she appears as she descends stairs and adds "appoint judges" and then "restrict petitions." Then she grabs a bottle of "fascism" and splashes herself, "I feel the smell of democracy."

The screen reads "New Right".

The video aroused the anger of many, and the clip received about 161,000 views on the tension.

"The ad is trying to play on the accusation of its critics that Shakid is following a fascist agenda and wants to announce that its policies are actually more democratic," says Elon Levy of Israel's Channel 24.

"For anyone who does not know that the left is often accused of fascism, this declaration seems to support fascism and call itself a democracy," Levy said.

The Justice Minister and Education Minister Naftali Bennett announced at the end of last year their resignation from the Jewish House party and the formation of a party called the New Right.

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