Gantz threatens to return to assassinations in Gaza if he won the elections

Benny Gantz, the leader of Israel's "blue-white" party, who is running for prime minister in the upcoming elections, threatened to return to the policy of assassinations against Hamas leaders in Gaza.

"If Hamas attacks us, we will implement strict policies," Gantz said during a visit with his party leaders to Gaza. "In my government, we may return to the policy of assassinations against Hamas leaders." As reported by the newspaper "Maariv" Hebrew.


He pointed out that "three and a half years after the war (the steadfast shelf) 2014 was completely calm, no rockets, no balloons, no kites."

He pointed out that "despite the progress in building the barrier against the tunnels, nothing happened," explaining that his party will change the policy of leniency and will apply difficult policies.

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Gantz announced yesterday his position on the construction of a sea port or passage for Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

He said during a meeting with 26 ambassadors from the European Union that he would oppose the construction of a port or a sea corridor for Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Describing Hamas as a "gang holding two million hostages" in Gaza. As he put it.

"Do you think that if there is a seaport in Gaza, all they will import is orange juice, do they want economic development?" He asked.

The future of Gaza lies with Hamas, not Israel.

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