"Contact with the dead" force "Facebook" to open "virtual graves"

Facebook has added a new feature in the "Memorial Accounts", which will allow users to leave messages in a section called "Tributes", separate from the account schedule.

Facebook often turns a deceased account into a "commemorative account," a special kind of profile that can be managed by a person appointed by the original account holder before his death.

The new social network describes the new section of the Memorial Account as "an area where friends and family can share the memories of their deceased loved ones."

Depending on the privacy settings of the commemorative accounts, members of the deceased user can still write within the account timeline or comment on any contributions made by the account holder before they die.

The new Facebook feature means that if the memorial account has a "Tributes" section, any posts will be placed in this new section under the deceased's account. The user responsible for managing the account will be able to identify other users who can post and see the deceased's postings in the new section, You'll also be able to delete unwanted posts, as well as change who can see the publications in which the dead user is assigned, or also remove that appointment if desired.

Facebook indicates that account contacts will not be able to sign in to the account, read its messages, remove any of its friends, or make new friend requests.

Facebook has more than two billion users of its social platform, and more than 10,000 users are believed to die every day.

Therefore, in 2009, Facebook introduced a feature that enabled the conversion of deceased accounts into commemorative pages, following complaints by some that the application urged them to contact their dead friends.


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