Britain´s first publication on "Instagram"!

British Queen Elizabeth II published her first participation in the Ingram program during her visit to the Science Museum in London.

The 92-year-old Queen became influential on the Ingrid site with her new publication of her great forefathers, Prince Albert and Queen Victoria.

"Today, with my visit to the Museum of Science, I was interested in revealing a letter from the Royal Archives, written to my great-grandfather Prince Albert in 1843. Charles Pappage, credited as the world's first computer pioneer, Difference), which gave Prince Albert the opportunity to see the prototype in July 1843.

"In the letter, Babbage told both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert about his invention (the analytical engine), on which the first computer program was originally designed, Ada Lovellis, daughter of Lord Byron, and today I was pleased to learn about initiatives Children in the field of computer code, and it seems to me very appropriate to publish this publication at Instagram, in the Science Museum, which has always championed technology and innovation, and inspired the next generation of inventors. "

The publication ended with the signature of Elizabeth R., to confirm that the Queen of England had written it herself.

British Queen Elizabeth II visited the Science Museum to announce the summer exhibition, "Top Secret."

In 2014, in the same place, Elizabeth II sent the first royal tweet on her behalf on Twitter, as part of the announcement of the opening of the new information age exhibition.

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