Video: US judge pardons Saudi Arabia

A judge in the city of Providence, Rhode Island, has released a Saudi student, Frank Carrillo, from a traffic violation in a video that has become popular on the Web sites.

The car of Saudi student Tahani Al-Manea in the wrong place has caused several times the enforcement of six violations of the value of $ 25 each, in addition to two hundred dollars in grams.

The video of Tahani's trial spread quickly after the court put it on its page, and Tahani did not know it could be put on the Internet for people to see, she said, but was surprised by the reactions.

Tahani studied network engineering at Johnson & Wales University when she had to go to court last November.

Tahani returned to Riyadh a month and a half ago after spending six years in the United States.

In court, Tahani explained to the judge that she did not have a garage or a private position, and that she stopped the car once near her home and again at the university was violated.

"I will pay fines for delays in paying fines, fines with fines of $ 350, and I will reduce the value of the original offense from $ 150 to $ 75, is not that good?"

Saudi Arabia's judge said that she should pay tribute to the judicial system in his city where she received the discount.

Tahani said she had problems in the city. She parked her car in the place of the offense for fear after her nets were broken.

Here the judge decided to exempt her from violations and fines completely.


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