25 killed in truck crash migrants in Mexico

The number of victims of a truck crash that killed migrants in Mexico has risen to 25, according to a media report. Dozens were wounded.

The truck veered off the road between the towns of Suyalo and Chikawasin in the southern state of Chiapa, on the border with Guatemala, the Televisa station reported on the social networking site Twitter.

Photos showed the scene of the accident, the truck has fallen into a hole, the bodies of the victims on the road.

At least 25 people were killed and others injured in the incident, the Spanish-language radio station Telemondo quoted the state prosecutor's office in Chiapas as saying.

The radio quoted the authorities as saying that the victims were traveling inside a white truck with no traffic signs.

Local media reported that the driver may have lost control of the truck. It was unclear how many people were inside when it crashed.

Migrants travel to the north via Mexico and often hitchhike vehicles so they do not have to travel long distances.

Thousands of immigrants, mainly from Honduras and El Salvador, have moved to Mexico in recent months on their way to the United States, despite US President Donald Trump's pledge not to allow them to enter his country.


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