photos: Occupation demolishes Assem al-Barghouthi´s house in Kupper

 Israeli occupying forces demolished the house of Assem Omar Barghouthi in the West Bank town of Kober on Thursday, a month after Israeli courts rejected the family's objection to prevent the demolition of his home.

The Israeli occupation authorities accuse the prisoner Assem Barghouthi of carrying out two shootings in December 2018, near the settlements of Ofra and Giv'at Hesaf. Two Israeli soldiers were killed and several Israelis were wounded. He was chased for about a month until he was arrested about two months ago, After Operation Aufra, the Israeli occupation forces killed Saleh Barghouthi, Assim's brother, and arrested more than 30 of his relatives, including his parents and brothers.

Israeli bulldozers raided Assem's house after tens of military vehicles stormed the town of Kupper early today. They demolished the 270-square-meter, two-story house where the family had vacated their homes after Saleh's assassination and the demolition of their homes.

Hanan Barghouthi, Assem's aunt told "Quds ".com that" the occupation authorities avenge the family of my brother Omar, and what has been collective punishment, which is a failed policy. "

Hanan Barghouthi explained that the occupation forces stormed Assif's brother Assem's house and was orally notified of the demolition of his father's house and the house of his brother, Saleh, in the coming days.

Israeli occupying forces broke into the village of Asim in the early hours of the day, breaking into more than 40 military vehicles, including bulldozers, and razing the house of Asim in the same time as clashes broke out between the residents and the Israeli occupation forces. For injuries.

The residents of Kober went to the roofs of their homes and shouted cheers and cheers that glorify Asim Barghouthi. After the withdrawal of the occupation forces, the march of the streets of Kober marched towards the house of Asim to ensure that the parents stand with him and his family.

Barghuti's family filed two complaints with the Israeli HaMoked organization for complaints against the Israeli occupation decision to demolish the house of Assem and the martyr Saleh and his father. The occupation authorities rejected the petitions and demolished Assem's house early today and threatened to demolish the homes of Omar and Saleh in the coming days.

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