Democrats are presenting a bill condemning "anti-Semitism" in response to Elhan Omar´s criticism of Israel

Democrats in the House of Representatives will present a draft resolution condemning anti-Semitism on Wednesday (March 6, 2019) in response to recent statements by Islamist MP Elhan Omar on Israel, a Democrat official said on Monday.

Rep. Elhan Omar, a Minnesota Democrat, the only veiled woman in the US Congress, presented a refugee from Somalia in the 1990s, at the age of 10, published a tweet on February 11, in which she pointed out that the support of blind US lawmakers to Israel, Which prompted the opposition of the Israeli lobby and its supporters, forcing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to push MP Omar, who is a member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Council, to apologize, which is what Omar did to me. .

However, MP Omar provoked the Israeli lobby "AIPAC" again at the beginning of this month, when she pointed out that the issue of American support for Israel should not be questioned, and pointed to the pressure of lobbies behind this support, especially the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), statements that AIPAC supporters considered "anti-Semitic."

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations and Justice Elliott Engel, and Gerold Nadler, as well as Ted Deutch, three of the 27 US Jewish members of the House of Representatives (25) Of the Democratic Party, and two members of the Republican Party).

She noted that this draft resolution follows the letter sent by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to the members of Congress.

Congressional officials who spoke to US media claimed that the text of the draft resolution was not ready, and that the draft was on the agenda even before the ADL sent its letter to members of Congress last week demanding official condemnation of Omar's statements. For her part, Elhan Omar apologized to American Jews, but warned against the importance of not ignoring the activities of Israeli lobbyists in the United States.

It is noteworthy that MP Omar, was subjected to a barrage of criticism from various political spectrum accused of "anti-Semitism," came from various political circles, including Democratic colleagues who said this comment "hints at the old saying that Jews use their money secretly to influence On the global agenda, and invite them to apologize. "

The New York Times (March 5, 2019), in an article entitled "Elhan Omar raises a question: Is AIPAC super powerful?" Quoting Steven Fiske, an AIPAC official, as saying that the organization would do everything it could to bring down Rep. Elhan Omar, Rep. Rachida Taleb of Michigan, and New Zealand State Attorney Alexandra Cortez of New York for criticizing Israel.

This time, Democrats in the House of Representatives will determine a form of punishment on Wednesday, angered by recent statements by MP Omar that pro-Israel activists are "pushing for allegiance to a foreign country" and will adopt a resolution condemning anti-Semitism.

"But the debate is not just about Ms. (Omar), but about the wider currents of the Middle East," she says. "Elhan (in what she says about Israel) is forced to reconsider the questions that she raised uncomfortably (for supporters of Israel ): Is AIPAC, which was founded more than 50 years ago to promote, protect and strengthen the relationship between the United States and Israel, has become very powerful? ? " Referring to the danger to the first amendment to the US Constitution guaranteeing freedom of expression.

The questions raised further controversy about MP Elhan Omar, and experts predict that it will grow even more in the current period, ahead of the annual conference of the AIPAC scheduled for the end of this month in Washington over three days and is expected to attend more than 18 thousand Including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and party leaders in Congress, and hundreds of members and potential candidates for political positions.

The New York Times said in its report that "AIPAC has a lot of money," hinting that it can be used to impose its impact in the corridors of the US decision.

"It is deceitful for some members of Congress who line up to condemn these questioning voices as if they had no interest in funding the election campaigns in the end," said Brian Bird, a former congressman from the Washington Democratic Party who became a high voice against AIPAC.

One of the members of the Beard constituency was Rachel Corrie, who was killed by the Israeli army in cold blood in 2003 for her solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza.



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