Turkish Presidency: We host 5 million refugees, including 3.5 million Syrians

Turkish Prime Minister Ibrahim Kalan said on Sunday that his country is hosting 5 million refugees, including 3.5 million Syrians.

In a speech at the 17th meeting of the Secretariat of the International Peace and Sustainable Development in Istanbul, he said that the number of refugees in the world currently stands at 70 million, from Syria and others from North Africa, Central Asia, South Asia and other parts of the world.

He continued: "Turkey currently hosts 5 million refugees, 3.5 million of them Syrians, as we host refugees from Iraq and various countries."

The spokesman of the Turkish presidency to the need to resolve the refugee crisis, considering that this crisis is an exam for countries to test the mistakes of the current global system, and that many countries failed in this exam.

He pointed out that the parliaments of many European countries discuss the reception of 800 refugees, while Turkey hosts millions.

He stressed that conflicts in the world are caused by international conflicts, including conflicts in North Africa and the Middle East.



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