Wounded by Israeli occupation on the Gaza border

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

At least five protesters were injured Friday evening, including a paramedic, by the occupation forces firing and gas canisters at demonstrators who flocked to the eastern border of the Gaza Strip on Friday, the 49th of the return marches and the siege.

The Ministry of Health said that two citizens were moderately injured in the foot by firing at them by the occupation on the eastern border, within the march of "Bab al-Rahma".

A paramedic in the medical services, Attia Hajjaj, was hit by a gas in the foot during his work east of Khan Yunis, she said.

According to a medical source, three youths were wounded and several others were suffocated by the occupation of gas bombs on demonstrators.

The youths lit rubber tyres along the border, amid confrontations along the border with the occupying forces.

Israeli sources said that some 9,000 protesters along the border threw stones, Molotov cocktails and explosive bottles, amid attempts to cut the fence, pointing to the firing of incendiary balloons from the Gaza Strip, some of which exploded in the sky of Ashkul.


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