LG launches its state-of-the-art phone

LG recently reviewed the G8 ThinQ phone with features not available on existing phones.

One of the most distinguishing feature of this phone, camera basically double 16 precision 12 + megapixel camera, advanced software, which enable them to control the image during the capture, and focus on a specific part of it to show it more than others, or select a section of the image and control Boloanh and the amount of lighting in it, or highlight some The face parts of a person who sees the lens, as well as their ability to shoot videos in slow motion and with high accuracy.

The phone also comes with a technology that allows the user to control images, videos and sounds by moving his hand in front of the screen with certain movements, in addition to the "Crystal Sound OLED", which enables the output of sounds directly across the screen.

To increase the security of the phone, a "Hand ID" technology was added to clear the user's hand surfaces and face recognition.

LG has supplied its iron with the current Snapdragon 855 processor, 6 GB RAM and a 3500mAh battery.


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