US investigator reveals Michael Jackson´s trick for "catching children"

 An elderly interrogator told him that late pop star Michael Jackson used some known tricks to sexually assault children, such as inciting against their parents, an American director said.

The controversy has been raised again about possible sexual assaults on Jackson after the US channel "HPO" confirmed that in March it will present a documentary film in which two men talk of "sexual violence" committed by Jackson when they were two children.

James Seifshaken, 40, and Wade Robson, 36, give details of the alleged sexual assault on the 2009 world star, Sun said.

Robinson says he has been assaulted by Jackson for seven years,

The film's director, Dan Reid, said he had spoken during the film's preparation to a California veteran investigator, adding that the source had already investigated 4,000 cases of sexual assault against children, including the case raised about a possible Jackson attack in 1993.

He said the investigator assured him that Jackson followed a well-known tactic among child molesters. He said two of the late star had been used to "catch the children." The presumed victim met Jackson during advertising for a beverage company in 1987.

Jackson's technique and pedophiles depend on a person's self-sufficiency in the victim's life. The late star incites the children against their parents to become more present in their lives.

When the owner of the "tactic" is able to strike between the child and his parents, he becomes the father and the brother, and at a later stage, he goes through his sexual assault and because the relationship is solid at the beginning, the victims find it difficult to talk about what they have experienced.

The interrogator, who was not named, confirmed that the silence of the victims after the attacks may be prolonged, is commonplace, but those who have been subjected to sexual violence get out of their silence when the psychological consequences of what they have been exacerbated.


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