He cured of cancer

A British citizen has recovered from cancer, but he was terrified after the hair grew in his tongue and his ability to speak after surgery.

British media reported that the 74-year-old retired man, Melvin Mansell, was suffering from tongue cancer, but he had surgery to remove the tumor and part of the tongue, which was achieved and cured of the disease completely.

However, Mansell was later surprised that the hair was growing in his tongue, which left him speechless, according to the British Daily Star newspaper.

The surgeons, in an unidentified government hospital, removed the cancerous part of the tongue of Mansell, and to speak, they planted a skin snatched from his arm in the man's tongue.

Unfortunately, in a rare case of treatment, Mansell was no longer able to speak after black hair was growing on his tongue.

It seems that surgeons "forgot" to treat the piece of skin derived from the arm by laser radiation to prevent the growth of hair again, according to the newspaper said.

Mansell said surgeons asked him to treat hair growth on the tongue in a private hospital or to cut hair, but he said he could not secure treatment in private hospitals.

Mansell said he regained the ability to speak after lessons at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford.

Mansell stressed that removing the hair from the tongue is not a cosmetic procedure, and that the survival of the hair not only loses his ability to speak, but prevents him from sleeping almost.

He explained that he often wakes up in the middle of the night because he feels something strange in his mouth, and that he had to go to the bathroom in the second morning to cut the hair of the tongue.

Mansell pointed out that doctors in the general hospital told him that hair growth on the tongue was rare, but he made it clear that he was not interested in being rare or not rare and the fact is that he suffers because of this hair.


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