Mladenov warns of a looming confrontation between Palestinians and Israel

The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process said Wednesday that "the chances of peace are diminishing in light of violence and extremism on both sides." The Palestinian people, who lived under occupation, For more than 50 years - needs our support more than ever. "

"What we need first and foremost is the necessary leadership and the political will to change, and until this is found, Palestinians and Israelis will continue to slide into increasingly dangerous areas," he said in his monthly briefing to the UN Security Council.

Mladenov stressed that leaders must believe that peace is possible through negotiations - and that leaders and the international community must commit themselves to supporting Palestinians and Israelis to reach a peace agreement based on UN resolutions and bilateral agreements.

The international community must also understand that "the weaker side - the Palestinian people who have lived under occupation for more than 50 years - needs our support more than ever before," he said.

"Unfortunately, unilateral actions, continuing violence, financial pressures, and the lack of progress towards peace are grave losses in Palestinian society and undermine the foundations of peace," Mladenov said.

He said that Hamas' continued control of Gaza and the strict restrictions on movement imposed by Israel "and restrictive measures by the Palestinian Authority are pushing the situation to the point of collapse."

The UN envoy warned that "the proliferation of militants continues to increase as the threat of extremist groups that push the two sides to war increases day by day." As the chances of reconciliation between Palestinian factions diminish, people in Gaza "feel more and more that they are alone, Any representation, relief or exit ".

Last month, Mladenov outlined steps to support the stability of the Palestinian Authority, including expanding trade opportunities, addressing financial issues, increasing services for its people, and ensuring security coordination with Israel.

The United Nations special envoy for the Middle East also warned that prospects for peace between Israel and the Palestinians are fading day by day as violence and extremism grow and "the threat of war looms on the horizon."

Nikolai Mladenov also told the UN Security Council that the negotiated two-state solution was deviating further.

It is noteworthy that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an electoral speech that he opposed the two-state solution because it "threatens the existence of Israel."


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