Elul: We decided to boycott Israeli goods

The Fatah movement's central committee has decided to take several steps to counter Israel's decision to "pirate" Palestinian funds, including boycotting Israeli goods, the Fatah movement's deputy said.

"A committee has been set up to prepare a list of Israeli products that have a local alternative, and thus prevent the entry of these Israeli products into the Palestinian market," Aloul told state radio on Thursday.

He explained that a committee was formed to include a group of officials to meet with ambassadors and consuls of European countries, and to inform them of the repercussions of Israel's decision to deduct the dues of the families of the dead and prisoners of the Palestinians.

He added that it was also decided to send a message to French President, Manuel McCron, that his country is sponsor of the Paris Economic Agreement to pressure the Israeli government and prevent it from deducting Palestinian tax funds.

He added that the committee also decided to go to the international courts to hold Israel accountable for the "theft" of tax funds, in addition to making decisions regarding the reconsideration of all forms of relations with Israel at all levels.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Wednesday he would not receive Palestinian tax revenues from Israel if any funds were deducted from them.

"We will not receive the funds for one penny, and we will never accept it. Either our money and our rights will come or we will not accept one penny," Abbas told a meeting of the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah.

On Sunday, the Israeli cabinet decided to discount the Palestinian Authority's payments to prisoners and families of Palestinian victims of the tax revenues it collects for the Palestinian Authority.

The tax revenues controlled by Israel are estimated at about $ 1 billion a year and are a critical factor in the Palestinian budget.


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